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Mangoes to Lagos

Nigeria's mangoes, a dazzling array of succulence, are as varied as they are vibrant. From the juicy sweetness of the Sheri to the tart richness of the Ogbomosho, each variety bursts with unique flavours that smash the palate. Now, imagine these sun-kissed delights transformed into a craft beer. "Mangoes to Lagos"— a collaboration between two great breweries in London and Lagos.

No Wahala. Just Mangoes.

This isn't just any beer; it's a tropical escapade, effervescent and bursting with the lush, ripe essence of Nigeria’s finest fruits brewed in the UK’s iconic Brixton Brewery. Each sip of Mangoes to Lagos is a refreshing plunge into a craft brew that marries the complexity of mangoes with the crisp, refreshing qualities of a pale ale. It's a taste of Nigerian sunshine, captured in a glass, ready to elevate your senses and transport you to the orchards of the most flavorful mangoes on earth from Bature Brewery in West Africa

Brixton Brewery


Started in Brixton in 2013 and brewing in the melting-pot part of south London ever since. Everything they do is supercharged with the buzz and electricity of their home, and its welcoming openness to new people and ideas.

Their locally-crafted beers are modern classics with a Brixton twist - telling the story of Brixton in their names, vibrant designs and flavours. From their ultra-refreshing Coldharbour Lager to their hoppy, juicy Atlantic American Pale Ale to their experimental Ltd Edn series, their range of bold, modern and perfectly balanced brews offer something for everyone to enjoy.

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