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West Africa’s first independent craft brewery

Our Lagos brewery

How is craft beer made?

Have you ever sat on a warm afternoon, swirling around the golden bubbling liquid in your glass and wondered, ‘How do they make beer?’.

Our brewing process is very much hands on. Unlike global beer making factories, we’re not a push button brewery making homogeneous yellow fizz; we have a much closer relationship to the beer and the people who drink it.


First steps

Brewing begins by conducting the mash, a porridge like mixture of hot water and cereals, such as malted barley and sorghum.  The temperature of the water converts the starches in the grains into fermentable sugars that yeast will consume later on and turn into alcohol.


Once completed, the hot sugary liquid known as ‘wort’ is transferred to the brew kettle and brought to a rolling boil.  At this point, hops are added to impart bitterness.  At the end of the boil 60 minutes later, more hops are added to impart flavour and aroma.


The beer is then cooled through a heat exchange process to 20C and transferred into a fermenter where the yeast is added.  As the yeast ferments the wort, it creates flavours, aromas, alcohol and CO2, making tasty beer!


Want to learn more about the brewing process?  Read our blog (coming soon) or book a brewery tour by contacting to discover more.

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Our beers are delivered locally and served fresh in and around Lagos and Abuja to an ever expanding customer base focused on quality and craft.