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Nigeria’s first Craft Brewery

Inspired by the Naija hustle and a passion for creating unique beers using local ingredients, we want to create great craft beer. 

After too many nights of drinking bland, mass-produced lager that gave us nothing but a bad aftertaste and an even worse hangover, we've decided that there was only one solution: make our own. 

Starting with a small home-brewing set-up, we brewed by night and at weekends, experimenting with Nigerian flavours and bringing craft beer to friends and converts around Abuja.

We've built the country's first micro-brewery, equipped and established in the nation's capital, Abuja, built on the principles of quality, sustainability and fun times. We’ve now won international awards for our beers and are you’ll find us the best bars around town. Na this one be beer!

For updates, instaposts and tweets follow us @baturebrewery

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