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The dream team

Who's who at Bature Brewery?

Kevin and his evil twin

Kevin Conroy

Co-Founder and Innovation Commander (@kevconro)

For over 14 years Kevin has delivered investment and business consulting across Africa and Asia. But he gave this up for the love of craft beer. At the helm, he has quickly turned Bature Brewery from ambition into a growing business. A lover of innovation, constantly searching for new ingredients and inspirational flavours he can share with beer fans. His most recent brews include Dembe Warrior, brewed with Kola nut, and Black Gold, an international award winning Nigerian Coffee Stout.

Rich Tanksley

Managing Director (@Tankrich)

Rich followed a girl to Cameroon 11 years ago. While the relationship with her didn't work out, his love for the Continent did. He has been building and growing businesses in West Africa since then. Most notably, he was the CEO of His favorite Bature craft beer is Dambe Warrior.

Bayo Ijasan

Head of Brewing and Brewmaster (@bayoandrew)

Bayo’s love for the unique made him study Brewing and Distilling at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. His career journey has taken him through four industries, and now back to his true love. Bayo enjoys creating beers with lots of standout flavours, and then drinking them with friends and customers! Bayo claims he can rightly guess the ingredients of any beer from just looking at it. His favourite Bature brew is Wuse Blonde, and yes, it’s high time he brewed it again.

Peace Onwuchekwa

Quality Control Queen (@PeacePurfect)

Graduate of applied microbiology and brewing, fell in love with brewing, interned at bature, started full time. Still in love with brewing. And trailblazing female leadership in the beer industry. Bringing style and energy, Peace is looking for that perfect beer to partner up with.

Alpha Cephas

Kwanchi Shift Brewer (@alpha)

The great Alpha is a beloved shift brewer who began his journey with Bature a year ago after just finishing his Youth service. Quiet, but extremely opinionated, Alpha knows how to create fantastic Bature beer. For Alpha,positive impact on the community before anything else.

Jason Edem

Badass Bar Manager and Chief Host (@Jasonedem)

Jason is Bature’s chief host in Abuja! Before having the opportunity to work at Bature Brewery, Jason worked in a lounge for three years where he found his passion in the hospitality industry. His ambition is to put a smile on your face and give you the best service a customer can have. Not sure what beer to have? Jason’s got you covered.

Elizabeth Ashiru

Food and Beverage Manager at Lagos (@omowunmiabefe)

During her undergrad days, Lizzy's room was the go-to place to get fed... Soon, she realised not just her love for cooking but also the process; from prepping, to plating, to seeing the satisfied look of a well-fed guest. It has been a huge leap from hosting in her uni dorm room to managing the first Heineken bar in West Africa. But her love of flavour and searching for great tastes led her to Bature Brewery. Now she is the F&B manager for Bature Brewery.



Social Media and marketing Manager at Lagos (@amacutiex)

Chukwudi Amarachi Prisca is the  Media and Marketing Manager for Bature Brewery Lagos with a niche and experience in digital media marketing and has worked with Flytime Television and  AL THE BRAND (a PR consulting company ) for 2 years. She describes herself as very adventurous , loves doing things that most people would  be  scared of. In her words “it gives  me this innate strength that says I am different”. This is what attracted her to Bature, beers that adventurous, different and independent.

Raju Pawar



Shift Brewer

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