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To the Future

Eternally grateful to all our supporters and fans in Abuja, we wanted to expand our craft beer experience across Nigeria and beyond. We are planning to open our new Brewhaus on Victoria Island in Q4 2020, producing 10,000 litres of fresh craft beer monthly.  While we build you can still get our beer by ordering online or at Shades lounge and Jara Beach Resort.

We plan to build the craft beer scene across West Africa, through brewing award winning craft breweries producing the most attractive craft beers for our customers and retail partners.


Giving back

Our taprooms and breweries will have a low carbon footprint and highest community and employee investment. We exist because of the communities we work within. We will support those communities by allowing them to participate in our business growth and giving back to the community whenever we have the opportunity. We believe in building our employees by helping them build their careers, experiences and wealth. We are committed to giving them the opportunity to own a portion of the business.

Contact us if you would like to collaborate.

About the author

Kevin Bature

Kevin Bature

Kevin 'Bature' prides himself on adapting to get things done and leading the team that will make the best beers in the country. At the helm, he has quickly turned Bature Brewery into a profitable and growing business. A lover of innovation, constantly searching for new ingredients and inspiration. His most recent ideas include Dembe Warrior, brewed with Kola nut, and Juju Pumpkin Ale with alligator pepper. Kevin is a co-founder of Bature Brewery.

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